Saturday, February 21, 2009

Cali 2009

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Same old Shill or should I say Same old chill LOL

Hey everyone!  I have enjoyed getting on your blogs lately and decided that its finally time for me to post again.....That and Darren got me an amaizing new MacBook Pro Laptop for Christmas so I thought I'd try er' out.  The kids LOVED Christmas it was so much fun!  We woke up opened gifts, Adi got a Nintendo DS from Santa and Jr. got a Train table thing.  It was so much fun.  Then we headed to my moms for an amazing breakfast....mmmmm.  They got some real fun stuff at my moms from her and my dad and then from my sisters and Bro.  It was so cool, how into it they both were this year!  Then, we took off to Brian Head.  It was scarey driving up here.  The roads were way bad.  But, we stopped in Parowan to see some Family- that was fun.  So, we got up here and had our great friends over for Dinner then as they were leaving about three hours ago Each one of them got stuck one by one.  So Darren and his Buddies had to walk to our friends Cabin to get Snow Mobiles to haul their kids home.  Darren said the snow was upto their chests.  They had on Jeans and sweaters, no snow gear!  They finally got the families all in and now are trying to get trucks sorta unstuck or maybe just out of the way of the Snow plows for in the morning.  However, I know he is loving every freezing A second of it!  Boys!  So, here I am as happy as a pickle, kids asleep, and just me and my blogger buddies!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Im Back...........

So I haven't posted in about six mothes. So, I figured it was about time for me to post and make my little blog a little cuter-
We are doing great. Adi started preschool and absolutely loves it, which is great because I put her in last January and she hated it so I took her out. Now, she wants to go everyday. She is doing so good! Junior cries when we drop her off. He says "wanna go with Adi to Pwe School!" Its so cute. Adi has also asked to start doing Dance again so we start that next week. I want to put her in Raglan Cheer in January too, so we will be way busy. As for Junior he will be doing gymnastics and maybe karate or something. I think its good to put them in a bunch of different things till they find something they love and want to really focus on. I just can't do the soccer thing because its like every Saturday and that totally cramps my weekend plans! Selfish, I know....but I think the kids have funner going and doing fun stuff on the weekend with the family than having to be at soccer everytime. mmmmmm!? We love to go on Rhino Rides or to Brian Head, or just hangin out with the people we love. Adi is kinda getting into horses so we might have to do that......ahhhh! Jr just goes with the flow. Darren is hunting right now :( we miss him. Anyways got to run, I am totally going to get better at this posting thing. My mother posts like everyday so hopefully I dont get that obsessed!! LOL

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The Queen Bee...Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Adi, Adi, Adi- Where do I begin. Adi is my queen. I love her so much she is fiesty, sweet, fun, and perfect! We truly are best friends! She is so much fun!

My Ultimate Male

The title seems kinda funny, but some of our friends nickname Junior that a while back and It was just kinda funny! Junior is had been the best baby, he is so happy, so fun and always makes me smile. He is a big boy! He tips the scales at 37 lbs, wears a 4t and a size 9 shoe! He is now 21 months old! And he is his Daddys boy! Just take a look- they are twins!

Me, I am

I am a mother of two wonderful kiddies and a wife to an amazing man. I am usually a myspacer, but alot of you, my dear friends, have blogs. I love to get on and read yours and learn about what your families are up to. So tonight, instead of running on the treadmill, which I really need to do, I decided to start a little blog of my own. The past five years of my life have been an exciting roller coaster. I met Darren got married, got Pregnant, got pregnant again, and now here I am. I love to spend time with my kids, I love to spend time with the fun, amazing people in my life. I feel that we should always surround ourselves with people that make us better people, that make us laugh, live, and love. So that's what I try to do. I try to live each day to the fullest, but maybe don't always accomplish that. I try to be generally a good person, and hopefully sometimes achieve that- Life is a wonderful gift.